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Updated May 4, 2024

**Country-raised Puggles & Pugs on the beautiful prairies near Kipling, Saskatchewan; Home of the world's largest red paper clip **

We currently do not have a litter of Puggles, but are accepting deposits. With the economic situation in Canada, we see that pets are not easily rehomed or afforded in general, so we are hesitant to allow a litter without first at least THREE deposits!

We currently have TWO deposits. When we receive a third, we will allow a female to be bred for a litter of Puggles here. Thank you for understanding!

Puggle Puppies are $850.00 + $325.00for air shipping if needed, and due to flight restrictions, some destinations are NOT an option currently. (out east, Yukon, NWT etc) Most destinations like Calgary, Edm, Van, Tor, are an option.

To secure a chosen puppy, we require approx 30% deposit. The exact amount of deposit doesn't really matter to payment is the remainder. Final payment must be received before we BOOK the flight for your puppy if a flight is required. We ship our puppies through West Jet and have had superb customer service through them over the years. We cannot BOOK a flight until 4 days prior to departure due to West Jet not knowing their cargo loads until then for each individual plane. We require address info of who is picking up the puppy to give to west jet in order to book your flight. Photo ID proving who you are with your address on your ID is required at puppy pick up time at the airport.

Deposits and final payments are non-refundable, unless the veterinarian deems the puppy not healthy at the 7-8 wk health and vaccination visit. The health of the puppies is our prime concern.
Our puppies are vet checked and vaccinated at six-seven weeks of age, and have a full course of dewormings. They come with a dog food pack, and for the puppies flying to their new homes, a kennel is included.

What does an older Puggle Puppy look like? Check out the photos of 'Previously Adopted Puggles'.  They can be found on the left side tool bar "our puppies, (for sale)"...even though these puppies are not for sale and are already in wonderful homes! These pictures will give you an idea of the uniformity of coloring and looks of our puppies.
The puppies cannot be shipped by air UNTIL they are 8 wks old. Puppies going local we like to also wait until they are eight weeks of age for optimum physical, social and emotional growth.
For our Puggles, our goal is to breed and provide our families with a healthy and true first generation Puggle, a 50/50 cross between a Beagle and Pug NOT Puggle parents. With this first generation cross, we have NEVER seen tri-colored or multi-colored/patched puppies, nor puppies that have a really short muzzle or Pug-like face. Their muzzles of the 50/50 cross are mid-line between both parents. 

Expected size: 15-25 pounds and 13 inches at the shoulder.  As a general rule, males are heavier than females. Expected weights have a LOT to do with future feeding.

We strive for optimum health and vitality in our parents and puppies. All our puppies come with a one year health guarantee.
These puppies and parents are very enjoyable to have; they love our children and are playful. Their social nature means they have unconditional love for other animals such as cats and larger dogs.

We ship our puppies within Canada. The flat cost for shipping is $325.00. (This still doesn't quite cover the air ticket, taxes and kennel but we are trying to keep the air costs down as much as possible for our families).We have shipped our puppies from one side of Canada-- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and over to Vancouver, Victoria and many other cities in B.C., and up north to the Yukon (although connections don't accommodate that desitnation anymore), and many other cities in the provinces between. We ship our puppies via West Jet. Flights to Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver are some of the shortest of flights, between 1.3 hours and 3 hrs. Puppies are not tranquilized or medicated in any way for the flights.
"If you have any customers that are worried about the flight I don't mind if they wish to contact me. Charlie was 18 hours (Flying to NS) before we got him and he was perfect. The pad soaked up any messes he made. There was no water left but he was fine. We also watched his plane land and the unloading of Charlie and care he received before we got him was excellent. They had him sitting on top of their filing cabinet when we got to him. West jet and the employees really cared for Charlie. I have no reservations about getting another puppy shipped through West jet."
-S.B. Halifax, Nova Scotia

For making deposits, payment can be made viaetransfer(sent to our email address or ) or Paypal. Please let us know when sending a deposit and the answer to your security question.

Paypal  If you have a Paypal account, this works well if using a credit card. We don't have our own credit card machine, so we can't accept any credit card numbers thank you.

We also accept cash if you are planning to come to our place to pick up a puppy or if we are meeting in Regina. No Cheques.
Email or call us before making a deposit, to make it more comfortable sending an on line deposit, and so we know to look for the deposit promptly and can change the adoption status of the puppy.

Email us or
Feel free to phone/text us: 306-736-8373 (Caroline), or Kevin: 306-736-8773

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